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Florida Lemon Laws
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The Rights of the
Florida Consumer & How To Fight Back!

update 03/26/2014  |   Florida Lemon Law 

The Rights Of The Florida Consumer and Fighting Back!

     Behind us now is the holiday season that brought to light some unprecedented breaches in security, and that left many millions of consumer's credit cards and personal information vulnerable, our rights as consumers have never been more relevant.

     Consumer's Rights (of which Florida's Lemon Laws are a part of) are enforced in many ways, one of which is through the Florida Office of the Attorney General. Their job is, among other things, to investigate and subsequently file civil actions against any one who engages in unfair methods of competition, unconscionable or deceptive trade practices, and more. Some of these deceptive trade practices may be familiar to you: pyramid schemes, misleading franchise or business opportunities, travel scams, fraudulent telemarketing, false or misleading advertising... many of which are common place in some of the less reputable circles of the consumer-level auto repair and auto sales industries.

     The Florida Attorney General oversees the entire Sunshine State, which is an immense responsibility. Though they do fight for us, as consumers, it's still up to you to fight for yourself. That's why you need an experienced lawyer that can fight for your rights as a consumer and fight for your rights under the Florida Lemon Laws, as well as other unfair and deceptive trade practices.

     Whether dealing with the dealership that sold you the lemon, the car manufacturer that made the defective product or any of the various professionals and lawyers in between, you need to have more than information and a passing knowledge of the law on your side. You need an experienced lawyer and a reputable law firm that is experienced in all sorts of consumer's rights and lemon law situations.

    Contact the Cremeens Law Group PLLC today, for more information on Florida's Lemon Laws, consumer rights and for more information (should you need it) on how to determine if your vehicle is a lemon.

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