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Misleading Warranty Tactics

posted 10/28/2014  |   Florida Lemon Law 

Warranties are often misleading and confusing, and they tend to not be as helpful as you'd think they would be in the event of a product malfunction or defect. Many of us truly believe that the products we buy, if backed by some impressive sounding warranty that's printed on the box or in the paperwork, will be replaced or fixed if they are flawed and/or defective.

Misleading Warranty Tactics

Years ago a company issued a warranty with the sale of their products as a means for their customers to actually be protected in the event of some manufacturing error or design flaw. Today, many warranties are simply another part of a marketing strategy; something expected by consumers but (if you read the fine print) aren't really a protection at all!

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Sometimes the only protection you, as a consumer, will find for the products you buy are to either purchase a secondary, extended warranty (which can be good protection against accidental damage in addition to product defects), and even then you could need some outside help. One of the most important warranties you'll ever get are the ones that come with a new car purchase. If you have something go wrong with such an expensive purchase that warranty might be the only thing that will get you back driving again. If something goes wrong with the warranty, or the company who issued it doesn't want to honor it, you must have someone to go to for help. An attorney is one of those people!

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