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"Do I really need a Lemon Law Attorney?"

posted 08/26/2014  |   Florida Lemon Law dated 02/15/2015 

Yes! You are fighting for your rights, you don't have to do it alone. Would you step into a boxing ring with a heavy-weight contender, without ever training, and expect to win? Of course not. And you can be sure that if you bought a car that's a lemon, then you've got a legal battle ahead; one you don't want or have to face alone.

Do I really need a Lemon Law Attorney?

Remember, not every attorney who is experienced in lemon law. Not every law firm has the experience needed to get you swift results. Consumer's rights are a very particular specialty; one that a lawyer not only needs training and experience to be successful at, but one that that success is almost always accompanied by a passion for justice. Always remember, justice is what you're seeking and justice is what you deserve!

    Contact the Cremeens Law Group PLLC today, for more information on Florida's Lemon Laws, consumer rights and for more information (should you need it) on how to determine if your vehicle is a lemon.

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