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Lemon Law Tips
For New Car Owners

Updated January 25, 2016
Originally Published September 26, 2013  |   Florida Lemon Law  

Lemon Law Help    Have you recently purchased a new automobile and you've already had to bring it back to the dealership for one thing or another? Are you starting to worry that you might have spent a lot of money on a car that is going to give you nothing but trouble? There's a chance you bought a lemon; that you are now the proud owner of a car that you have every legal right as a consumer to have replaced.

    Though you might be aware that there is such a thing as a Lemon Law, most people aren't familiar with what that exactly means and what they need to be prepared for when actually trying to exercise those consumer rights. Everyone can benefit from a Lemon Law Attorney; most people absolutely need one.

    However, other than just looking for information online and contacting an attorney, you should always be aware of some simple things you can do to help protect your self and your investment (you may have a warranty, but don't be fooled into thinking that is enough):

  • Save every bit of paperwork and receipt for everything having to do with your vehicle from the moment you signed the papers at the dealership. You never know what you might need, or what your Consumer Rights Attorney might need.
  • Keep a notepad in the car. It can be a pad or a binder or just some loose paper you folded up in your glove box. You have to have something to write down the details of any and all incidents or malfunctions you have in your car. Whether it's as small as a non-functioning audio aux-port or as large as a large knocking from under the hood, you have to document it. What happened, when, where you were and anything else you can think of that might be pertinent to the problem. If it's something that warrants it, you should even take a picture. Most people keep a disposable camera in their glove box in case of accidents, but you can also use your phone. Oh, and don't forget to keep a pen with the pad as well.
  • Our phone number. Seriously, if you don't have one of our cards you can simply right down our number or program it in your phone. Having your Lemon Law Lawyer's number in the glove box of your defective automobile can never hurt.

    Contact the Cremeens Law Group PLLC today, for more information or for help determining if your vehicle is defective. If you've been wronged, we can help!

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