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Florida's Deceptive and
Unfair Trade Practices Act

November 25, 2012  |   Florida Lemon Law  

Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices ActFirst enacted in 1973, Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTP) is one of the primary laws protecting Florida's consumers from corporate wrongdoing. The FDUTP can be used for plaintiffs to bring suit against businesses and individuals; as a class-action suit (if applicable) and for a wide variety of reasons from real estate fraud, misuse of consumer information, price fixing and more!

The FDUTP is our state counterpart to the Federal Trade Commision Act (FTC), the United States Federal Government's federal consumer protection legislation. The FTC served as a model for our FDUTP and they both prohibit unfair and/or deceptive acts or practices while conducting business.

The importance of this is found every time you buy a product or service and you know that the person or business you purchased from did their best to represent acurately what they are selling and they built it to their best ability. You have this reassurance because if they didn't, then you have an avenue or recourse for retribution; hire an attorney and use the FTC and the FDUTP to bring a suit against that business that defrauded you or unfairly seperated you from your money!

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