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What are youre rights as a consumer?
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July 24th, 2012 | Florida Lemon Law

Prior to the 1950's, consumer rights wasn't a notion that most Americans even thought about. If you bought a product from anywhere, whether a store or directly from the manufacturer, you accepted it with only the hopes that it would work as expected or promised. That it's quality would be consistent with it's cost. And the unfathomable idea (by today's standards) that if the product malfunctioned, causing inury or death, no one, not the company that made it, the store who sold it (or anyone else for that matter) would be held responsible or punished for it. This all began to change when, around the middle of the 20th century, a movement called "consumerism" began taking hold of the American consiousness.

FInally, the people began to have some recourse against faulty products and misleading advertising. Small bits of legislation was passed here and there, and in 1962 President John F Kennedy went before Congress and outlined what he saw as the Four main rights that should be given to all consumers.

These four basic rights were The Right to Safety, The Right to Be Informed, The Right to Choose and The Right to Be Heard. 1985, these right were expanded to include The Right to Satisfaction of Basic Needs, The Right to Redress, The Right to Consumer Education and The Right to a Healthy Environment, bring the total to eight. This concept was endorsed by the United Nations and adobted by it's members through the UN Guidelines for Consumer Protection.

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