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Automotive Repair
Fraud & How You Are Protected!

January 27, 2013  |   Florida Lemon Law  

    Automotive Repair FraudEverybody who owns a car will one day need to have that car fixed. Unfortunately, some mechanics don't always have your best interests in mind. Just with any other industry, not all automotive repair shops are created equally. Not only does the quality of work vary, but so does the quality of people and the level of customer service. And with repair bills sometimes growing so high that it's almost more cost effective to purchase a new car, having a mechanic that doesn't take advantage of your vulnerable state and ignorance of automobiles is important.

    Equally as important is having a lawyer that can fight for you in the event you are ever "taken for a ride" by an unethical auto mechanic. The Florida Office of the Attorney General has issued some tips* for car owners in regards to auto repair fraud and deception, tips that you should know and try hard to follow.

  • Find an auto repair shop before you need one.
  • Be certain the repair shop honors any existing warranty on your car.
  • Be certain the shop is qualified to complete the necessary repair.In Florida, each repair shop must register with the State of Florida. Ask to see the shop’s registration.
  • Check to see if complaints have been filed against the shop.
  • If the repair exceeds $100, the shop MUST give a written estimate.
  • The repair shop must contact you before exceeding the estimate by $10 or 10 percent whichever is greater. Shop around for the best deal.
  • Compare the estimates after the work is completed (the repair shop must provide documentation of what was done).

    Even if you follow every one of these tips and are an extremely cautious consumer, there is always the chance you will end up needing a lawyer to help you get what you deserver; either the repairs done right, your money back, additional monetary damages... with a lawyer your options for recourse becomes exponetially greater.

Contact the Law Office of Patrick J. Cremeens today, for more information or help a case of automotive repair fraud. If you've been wronged by a mechanic, we can help!

*How to Protect Yourself: Auto Repair Fraud - Source: The Florida Attorney General's Office

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